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Nurturing your spirit. Living your truth.

Spirit & Truth Coaching

Do I Need a Health or Life Coach?

We are all on a journey to achieve balance in our lives.  Inevitable struggles in life can cause imbalance and even cause us to question our very existence.  This imbalance manifests itself in myriad ways—dysfunctions in our relationships and families, stress, health challenges, career and financial struggles, and even a disconnect to That Which is Greater.  Sometimes we need the support of someone who can help us strike a balance with these things, and that’s where I come in. I can help you put all the pieces together.

Both light and darkness are needed to achieve balance.  Through our coaching sessions, you’ll learn the skills needed for mind-body balance.  We’ll compassionately talk about your stressors or what is causing you to feel stuck.  Together, we’ll develop a holistic program that allows you to let go of the things that deplete you and set you on the journey to self-love and wellness.


Areas of Focus


About Me

At age 50, I had a reckoning of sorts where I reevaluated my purpose on earth.  I realized most of my time had been spent living a life that wasn’t authentically mine.   I did what the church prescribed.  I tried to live up to familial, personal, and even professional expectations.  I had a degree and credentials that made my name look like the alphabet.  I had a six-figure income.  From the outside, my world looked picture perfect.  But everything I did seemed to take me further and further away from what felt right and natural, and most importantly, ordained.  I felt my life had no purpose.  What would my legacy be?   I had not done anything impactful.  I hadn’t done my part to change the world in a meaningful way.  I searched inwardly for that meaning—that calling—and in the midst of a pandemic, I began to see the best parts of me.  
I realized my life was best served combatting the damaging effects of religious and spiritual trauma inflicted upon countless LGBT+ persons—the message that we are sinful and must live in a perpetual state of condemnation, self-hate, shame and atonement in order to escape God's wrath. As I found in my own journey, letting go of this or similar indoctrination frees us to live our most authentic lives. But why limit me to only helping those who had a shared trauma?  What I really wanted to do was empower people to live their lives on their terms. Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us—someone to nurture our spirit—so we can live our truth.   To this end, I became a certified Health and Life Coach and founded Spirit & Truth Coaching LLC.  


I was my own first client, and I’d like to invite you on this journey with me.  Your life is priceless.  Your health is priceless.  I am passionate about showing you the tools to support you in your life, career and finances, your relationships, and your connection to That Which is Greater.  



“What I loved most about coaching with Jason is that he is soft-spoken and gave me a soft place to land. I felt comfortable being a dual coach with him. He has great listening skills. I look forward to him mentoring me as a fellow coach in the future.”

~Barbara Coppernoll

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