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5 Key Areas of Focus

Each area of focus is a 90 Day Transformation that includes 12 weekly, private, one-on-one coaching sessions with me, so you can accelerate your results and have my health, nutrition, or lifestyle savvy focused only on YOU.


Super Health Food

Eating healthy food and taking healthy actions is only half the equation when it comes to experiencing optimum health. The formula for the healthy digestion of food is healthy food and lifestyle choices plus the ideal state for digestion and assimilation, which is relaxation. We'll teach you how to achieve this to feel your personal best.


Modern House

What’s the most wanted transformation in your experience with money right now? We’ll figure out where you are financially, and then create a plan to help you identify and achieve your goals.  We’ll look at the Seven Needle Movers (areas that make the greatest change).

That Which is Greater


What we want to get to is a place where you are able to connect as easily and as often to That Which is Greater so that you are tapping into that energy instead of having a schedule full of things that leave you disconnected and take energy away. When people are experiencing stress or overwhelm or burnout, what they’re experiencing is a break in - or loss of - connection. What that means for you is that we want to create more opportunities for things that support you, instead a calendar full of things that deplete you.



Generally, clients fall into one of five categories. Our program will uncover where you are and what fear(s) is stopping you. Everyone is struggling with these in some way because we all have these 5 core fears.

Love & Relationships


Communication can leave you feeling understood, accepted, loved, and supported. It can also leave you feeling misunderstood, frustrated, angry, and hurt. We will show you the tools to help you have more supportive and loving communication in your relationships.

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